Getting your trade or construction company found online

trade company found online

Written by Grant

How to get your construction or trade company found online

You want your trade company found online. Ever wondered how your competitors get to page 1 of Google when you can’t even see your site? Ever wanted to be able to master the internet to find more clients and those great paying domestic jobs? Getting your construction or trade business found online is tricky business, but we’re here to help.

We’re here to help you #BeSeenBeFoundBeHired.

When Grant, one of our directors, visited a local site currently under development by a Tier 1 in Bristol, it was a great chance to catch up with subcontractors on all things internet. He asked them whether their firms were using online tools, how they were using them and what impact they were having.

The answer? “I don’t know if we have a website actually. We have Facebook/Twitter but don’t use it. I don’t see the point.” Most of the subcontractors that were asked weren’t keen on putting loads of hours into the online parts of their business.

Are they right? Well, word of mouth is certainly still a powerful tool. But why settle for just that? These guys were working for larger companies who were part of the development company’s group list. So a different question was asked, “If you were after a domestic client, would you use the internet?” This completely flipped the response. 100% of them said they would use websites, social media and more.

A typical example of construction and trade companies working online

trade company found online

We’ve found that there’s a big difference between domestic and commercial/industrial jobs: for domestic, word of mouth goes a long way but it’s not enough. Take for instance a fictional person, Jane in Bristol.

Jane wants a garage built in her garden. She goes onto Facebook and asks her friends for recommendations. 5 of them share different Facebook pages for companies that they have used before. 2 of them have a solid base of 5 star reviews, so she decides that it’s between them.

Next step? She searches both of the companies on Google using the term Garage Builders in Bristol. She doesn’t see either of the companies on the first page so clicks on a couple of others. One of them has a great website that explains clearly what they do, has testimonials from clients and has contact details. Before you know it, she has called them and booked them in!

That right there is a typical tale in our current world. Recommendations from friends go so far, but a professional looking website (that makes the front page of Google) to back up your social media puts you in prime position to win work and gain clients.

trade company found online

So, how do you get your construction or trade company found online?

The truth of the matter is this. If the list below sounds like you, then you need to work on getting your business found online:

You want to work with more domestic clients

You want to work for yourself

You want to get off site and begin building your own empire

You want to secure more work, from better paying clients who offer you a cuppa

When it comes to getting your trade company found online, there’s no such thing as a one stop shop. Your best bet is to explore lots of different avenues and not put all your eggs in one basket. There are some definite staples that each and every company that is making an effort to get found online should be using, but there are also some gaps that very few trade or construction companies are making good use of yet.

So where should you start? The internet can be somewhat overwhelming but it really doesn’t have to be. Used right, it can be a tool that gets your business to exactly where you want it to be.

Google My Business for your construction company

First stop? Local digital marketing. When you search for a company on Google you’ll often see one business pop up on the right with a photo and a map. That could be your business! To get there you’ll just need to apply for a Google My Business.

The application is fairly straight forward (and we now have a Google My Business for trades guide to run you through it). Google will send a postcard to confirm your address and then you can begin editing your listing. The most important aspect is that you’ll now be able to collect reviews from customers. A set of 5 star reviews alongside your brand name will begin to pull in the punters.

Reviews = Trustworthiness

The next step towards picking up those trust giving reviews? Directories and social media. By directories we mean the likes of Check-a-trade, RateMyBuilder etc. These directories are incredibly popular with domestic clients, and some will even pass work directly to you through your listing on their site. Don’t skip over them!

The influence these sites have on your customers is huge. They’ll shop around, compare you with competitors and eventually make a decision based on what they find.

Social Media is worth the effort

Social media, on the other hand, requires a bit more work. You’ll need to create your profiles, post updates and engage with your audience. It might sound like a lot of hard work but this is the friendly face of your company.

Don’t go posting pranks or anything unprofessional. Instead, make sure you use updates from jobs, recent projects and testimonials. You’ll build credibility and help potential customers to understand that they can trust you to do a good job.


Even Sole Traders need a website

The next major element for your tradesperson’s business is your website. Simply just having one isn’t enough. Having a weak one is worse than not having one at all. Owning a great looking, informative website will build trust, sell your business and spread your name. If you have the budget (and it doesn’t have to be a big one!), using a digital marketing agency like Shake & Speare to build a quality site for you will guarantee a quality, professional finish.

Otherwise, you can try and build you own. There are some excellent site builders out there that are simple to use, such as WordPress or Wix, but that said, you’ll want to have a secure understanding of search engine optimisation if you want to be anywhere near the front page of Google.

The start of your online journey with Shake & Speare

We’re certainly not saying that word of mouth marketing is dead but these days, it only goes so far, and that’s especially if you’re after those great paying domestic jobs! If you’re interested in learning more then, we recommend checking out our construction and trade portal on our website.

We’re always open to a chat, and if you’d like to meet up then consider the beers on us!

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