Apps that make your life easier as a tradesperson

Written by Grant

Apps That Make Your Life Easier as a Tradesman

A tradesmen app for this, a tradesmen app for that. We take a look at the latest available, designed to free up your time.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, it seems that nowadays there is an app for everything. Contractors are rapidly finding that there’s a trademen app for the issues they encounter at work.

We have trawled through the seemingly unlimited supply of construction apps to find those that can help tradespeople in their day to day life on the tools.

SmartTrade App

These days it seems you can go anywhere and pay for products and services by using your smartphone or contactless bank card. In construction this isn’t so true, with tradespeople still relying on cash, bank transfers, and even cheques (remember those?) as methods of payment.

The SmartTrade App was designed to change this, allowing you to take contactless payments through your smartphone, without needing a card reader.

SmartTrade can also be used to create invoices, quotes and receipts for customers. For companies with employees, the app will also enable you to  organise your team. The days of scribbling out handwritten paperwork in the van cabin are over.



When a contractor sends a quote to a customer, if that customer requires finance,they must go to a third party to apply for a loan. It all seems very fragmented and unecessary.

Payaca removes the middle entity, allowing tradespeople to send quotes to customers, with built-in finance quotations.

For the customer: faster, simplified finance.

For the contractor: the ability to provide a better service, and no financial risk.


Makita app

Popular power tool manufacturer Makita haven’t ignored the potential of smartphone applications for tradespeople. They’ve designed an app of their own, named “Makita Mobile Tools” that provides assistance to people on site. 

The app contains a digital spirit level and flashlight, perfect for when the real thing gets lost in your toolbox. You can measure distances using your smartphone camera, and can even take sound measurements.

It also contains no adverts and is totally free!


Every tradesperson groans at the mention of paperwork. It is considered an unfortunate necessity when dealing with delivery notes, invoices and receipts at the wholesalers. Trying to keep track of everything in the front cab of the van can be a seemingly endless task.

Quickbooks is a powerful and simple piece of accounting software that digitizes the process for you. 

As well as being able to invoice customers, Quickbooks allows you to keep on top of your expenses, using its Smartscan feature to scan receipts and log the data in your phone. You can even file your VAT and complete your self assessment tax!

The app suits everyone, from one man bands to large businesses.



Procore is a cloud based project management app. Designed for bigger jobs, Procore is perfect for site walkthroughs. It allows you to segregate photos to specific site areas, manage site drawings, and submit daily logs. The app is also useful for scheduling works, making it the perfect all rounder for the management of site activity. 

Throw the clipboard and pencil in the bin, and use Procore to stay informed.


Last, but by no means least, is the Workflowy tradesmen app. Suitable for smaller independent traders, workflowy is a handy little app for taking notes and making lists

Described as a “notepad with superpowers”, Workflowy is a seemingly underwhelming app, but its extremely simplistic design allows you to take clear and concise notes on your smartphone. You can create infinitely nested lists, and add notes to any list item.

Workflowy synchronises perfectly with your computer, making it the ideal app for simple task organisation. For this reason, Workflowy has achieved a cult-like following.

The start of your online journey with Shake & Speare


Even if you just download one tradesman app, we’re sure it’ll make your life easier! But that’s just the start of your digital journey. If you’re running your own business you’ll want a whole host of other medium too. Especially your own website.

If you’re interested in learning more then, we recommend checking out our websites for trades page.

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