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Free website audit report

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A free website audit can help you figure out what you need to do to make it to the first page of Google

Our free website audit service looks at your website as a whole and identifies what needs optimising to boost your Google ranking

Your business. Other people’s businesses. There are a lot of them. Unless you’re offering an incredibly niche service, as a tradesperson, you’ll be aware that there are literally thousands of websites for trades fighting it out for the front page.

But my business is the best.”.

That may be so. But that doesn’t automatically convert into website visits. Sadly, merit alone isn’t enough to get you to the front page; which is of course where the bulk of your potential customers will be looking.

Google doesn’t know that your business is the best. It cannot judge the quality of your services, rather it looks at specific phrases and features of a website (for instance: whether you have an SSL certificate or not), in order to determine if your content is what a user is looking for.

Google is a judgemental beast. It can happily let your site, and your Google My Business account languish on page 12 of its search results. It will direct your potential clients over to your competitors, if they are busy dominating the first page, which further affirms their position there.

But there are things we can do about it together.

It is crucial that your site is constructed in a way that allows Google to understand it. You may have a beautifully interactive website full of gorgeous pictures of your craft, but if Google can’t understand what it’s about, that site is no good to you.

How many times have you searched for ‘Bristol Plumber’, ‘Lancashire Builder’, or what ever local trade business you were looking for, and then skipped to the sixth page of your search results to select someone?

Probably never.

And neither will your clients!

If Google doesn’t understand what your content is about, it won’t rank you very highly. This means you won’t be on the first page when potential customers search for your service. And the front page is where the money is. It’s the difference between tens of people seeing what you have to offer, versus thousands.

So it sounds like optimising your site could be seriously beneficial for your business, doesn’t it?

free website audit

Free website audit – what it involves:

To help you move up the ranks – to that highly coveted first page – we can first conduct a free website audit for you, helping you to identify any issues that may be causing Google to rank you poorly.

If you leave us your email address and the URL of your site, our team will look it over for you with a well trained eye.

The issues they find might be simple: pages with low word counts for instance. Or they might be more complex: a lack of a sitemap.xml or duplicate meta descriptions.

We will carry out your free website audit, identify the main issues and then compile them into a personalised report. And better yet? We will explain them in plain English, making potential problems and their solutions easier to understand.

Sound good? Like free things? Like more clients?

Follow the link to our homepage to get started with your free website audit.

(and just before you go – know that we’re always up for a chat, and if you’d like to meet up then consider the beers on us!)

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Our websites work hard for all different sectors. From startup businesses to established multinational companies.

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