6 Reasons a Website is Highly Beneficial for Your Job as a Tradesman

websites for tradesmen

Written by Grant

Today, tradespeople rely heavily on the internet, as more and more consumers conduct online research before they decide to do business with someone. Thus, having a dedicated platform for your work is vital. Not convinced? Here are more reasons to invest in a website today: 

1. Helps people find you

How will people find you if you don’t have an online presence? If you’re not online, then you might as well not exist. Even the Yellow Pages stopped production in January 2019 and diverted their efforts online.

Aside from serving as your personal online directory listing, your website is there to let people know exactly who you are and what you do.

2. Fulfils customer expectations

It’s 2020! These days, hardly any company operates without a website, and doing so can actually harm the reputation of your business. In other words: consumers expect you to have a website. Not to mention, most online users visit a business website to find out more information or to purchase products and services. Just imagine if you don’t have a website—that’s a lot of people out the door.

3. Doubles as a marketing channel

Having your website means you’re in full control, and when it comes to marketing, that’s a pretty huge deal. While you can control most of the stuff that goes on other marketing channels, what you can’t control is what people say about your brand. A website will let you filter the negative reviews out and show them all the positive things about you.

4. Gives you an edge over the competition

You’re not the only tradesman in your industry, and with that knowledge, you need to think of ways to leverage yourself against the ever-growing competition. One way to do that is by having an upstanding website. A website that ranks high on Google can take you places. 

When users search online, it’s likely that they’ll find your website (considering that you have excellent SEO strategies in place). Second, when users find you first on Google and other search engines, and you provide them with what they need, they’d probably stick to you instead of diving deep into other options.

5. Saves money

Back in the day, tradespeople relied on conventional methods of advertisement, namely radio, television, billboards, and print ads in newspapers and magazines. These methods cost a lot of money, whereas online advertising through your website will cost you much less. Plus, there are other ways to advertise your brand that don’t cost much or anything at all, such as PPC ads or social media pages. 

A website will only cost you a bit of money annually, and you have the guarantee that you’ll be able to make the most out of it. You also have access to it anytime, and should you need to make any changes, you have the autonomy to do so. 

6. Showcases your work and client testimonials

Consumers today want proof that you walk your talk. A great way to prove your expertise and showcase your work is to display it through your website. Showing your work is not as easy as a tradesman, which is why a website comes in handy. With a website, you can provide your website link to potential customers and let them see your portfolio for themselves. 

However, make sure to create compelling videos and content to showcase your work. Moreover, a dedicated section on your website for client testimonials is a must.


Websites for tradesmen are crucial, thus, you need to make sure that you have an excellent one up and ready. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this all on your own. There are tons of experts you can hire that can help you build a website that is appropriate for your line of work.

We are a reputable company in Bristol that creates top-tier websites for tradesmen. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you! 

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