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Written by Grant

Coronavirus has impacted tradesmen all over the world

We’re Shake and Speare and we specialise in getting tradespeople online and building their online presence but are opening up to everyone. With the current nightmare that’s going on, we want to help tradesmen coronavirus has affected (as well as anyone else who needs it) and we know there’s lots of you looking to get or bolster your online presence.

At the minute having a website that’s easy to discover and navigate is more crucial than ever. We also know that many people experience barriers to this, be it lack of knowledge, funding or time.

With all this in mind, we’d like to add to the awesome community spirit we’re seeing the world over. So here is a list of things we’re offering for free, to help you boost your business:

  1. One page websites
  2. Website health checks
  3. Scan of your business listings
  4. Advice!
  5. (…heavily discounted) SEO content

One page websites for trades (and not!)

All of our other free offerings aren’t all that helpful for you if you don’t have a website in the first place.

Basically it’s really really important you have a website. Everyone should have one (tradesmen coronavirus is affecting or not) and getting yourself set up with one now will be of huge benefit to you at a later date.

We’re more than happy to offer a quick and easy basic one page website – built and hosted on our servers – for free. You just buy the domain address (we can do this for you).

This’ll be a quick start point for you. It’ll be a fast and speedy mock up, it won’t rank high up on Google (unless we put some more work into it at a later date when cash flow is better) but it’s a start.


Website health checks

If you’ve got a website, but it’s not working very well for you, send a message our way.

We’ll have a dig around and have a look at how accessible it is for your users. We’ll also look through and see what you could do to improve your google rankings (ie: when your potential customer searches for ‘Bristol carpenter’, does your website appear on page 1 or page 9).

Then we’ll send a report with this information your way, for you to do with as you please. Our hope is that it will lead to your website generating more leads for you.


Scan of your business listings

If you’ve got your businesses contact details listed all over the web, there’s a chance there’s a mistake in them somewhere out there. An extra space in a phone number, or a misspelling in an address confuses Google and it may even consider the discrepancies to be separate businesses.

If you whack your business listing into our scan tool, it can check whether you’ve got any such issues. Then you can go and fix them! A productive lockdown activity if there ever was one.


Do you follow us on Twitter? It’s our main platform for handing out advice. If you’re working on a website and you’re fairly sure you know what you’re doing, but Google is giving you conflicting advice and really you’re just getting a bit of a headache… shoot us a DM.

We’re always happy to chat! Give us an idea of your problem and we’ll see what we can do for you.

SEO content (…heavily discounted)

Usually we charge £250 a month to help your business climb the ranks of Google. This process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It’s not a wholly straight forward process and we won’t go into deep details now. That said, we do this through an optimisation process of your site (especially your most important pages), weekly content articles to drive traffic and sourcing links from relevant sources to grow your authority.

Instead of our usual £250 a month, we’re offering this at only £99 for the first 2 months – there’s no contract, no hidden fees, and if you want to continue after that it’ll be back to our usual price.

Now is absolutely the right time to be working on your Google rankings, especially as many competitors aren’t.

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