Common Mistakes Construction Companies Make On Their Websites

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Written by Grant

Even though many tradespeople and companies in the industrial sector like construction firms aren’t operating within an online environment, marketing online is still paramount. Tradespeople should have websites or at least some sort of online presence, and so do construction companies, contractors, and the like.

It’s a good thing that in this day and age, putting together a website is incredibly easy and inexpensive due to the low barriers. However, many companies still commit common mistakes on their websites that prevent them from reaping their expected ROI. If you own a construction company and maintain a website, make sure that you don’t commit these mistakes:

Not editable

Your prospective clients want to see your latest work, and you’ll be able to showcase that by updating your website content. But many construction companies make the mistake of having their websites uneditable, making it challenging for their marketing team to add the latest updates on your ventures. If your website is too time or cost-consuming to update, consider looking into using a different platform, ideally, one that allows you to make the necessary edits you want—and fast.

Having content powered by flash

Flash, albeit entertaining, is already outdated. The animated movie you had installed on your website all those years ago will no longer resonate with your audience today, nor will it help your site be searchable by search engines. What’s more, they’re also difficult and costly to update, even for the most experienced of web design agencies.

Vague wording

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to specify what you do and what you offer. Many construction companies fall into the trap of having vague names like ABC or Professional Services. Even the word construction itself is considered broad for clients. If you want to make an impact, tell your prospects what you do and how you can help them.

Lacking personality

The purpose of having a website is showcasing your identity and your company’s messaging. Therefore, it’s important that it looks unique to your organisation, brand personality, and culture. If you take your website, replace it with a competitor’s logo, and it still works, it means that your site is nothing but generic. The best way to stand out is to inject personality, so make an effort in fine-tuning your brand identity and messaging.

No contact information

How will prospective clients and buyers do business with you if they can’t contact you in the first place? It’s vital that you have the necessary contact information on your website so people can get in touch with you in case they’re interested in availing your services. Include your address, phone number, email, and social media handles.

No human touch

It only makes sense that you have photos of your projects on your company website since that’s what you’re selling, but be sure to add people, too. You’re a construction company, after all, and people would want to see other people actually doing construction work. If all you have are photos of buildings and properties, you risk appearing like a real estate company and not a construction company.


For many tradespeople and construction companies, the task of fine-tuning and maintaining their websites is outside their field of expertise. If you find it difficult to run your website, it may be worth hiring a digital agency.

We are an agency based in Bristol that specialises in creating websites for trades professionals and construction companies. Get in touch with us today to see how we can be of help to you.

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