Tradespeople Websites: What to Know About The Costs

tradespeople website design

Written by Grant

In today’s modern society, it is seen as a necessity for businesses to have a website, not only for big companies or for e-commerce businesses. Even tradespeople—whether plumbers, electricians, technicians, or contractors—need an online site where they can promote their services, communicate with clients, and conduct business transactions.

The question is: how much does it cost to run and maintain these tradespeople websites? We’ll answer this in the following sections. Keep on reading to find out more.

The need for websites for tradespeople

As a tradesperson, it’s highly critical to have a solid website so that you can convert potential customers. Why? While people may still ask some recommendations from family or friends or visit centres in their locality, they will most likely search online when looking for professionals in their local area. So, if you want to be found, you need to have a website.

For instance, a person suddenly has a plumbing emergency, and they need to contact a local plumber immediately before the home’s basement gets flooded. Instead of getting referrals from people or look for one in the local area, which can take time in itself, the most viable solution then is to search online. If your site is updated with complete information and location details, your prospective client can easily and quickly contact you, and you can visit the house right away for an immediate plumbing fix.

The overall cost of hiring a web designer

If you want to have a solid website, you must hire a local web designer who can make a difference in your website. However, the biggest concern is the overall cost of hiring an expert. Understand that there are many website professionals in the market who can help you, and their prices vary depending on the actual work.

For your reference, the regular average prices for a simple tradespeople website may range between £350 and £2,000. Of course, this depends on the web designer you’ll work with and how you want your website to be. Furthermore, the prices for domain names range from £5-49 a year, and most business names cost around £10 a year. As for web hosting, it may range from £10 and £35 depending on setup, speed, and support level. Add all these up, and you’ll get the overall cost of having a website for tradespeople.

The advantage of using a website builder

Another great consideration for a tradesperson is to use a website builder. When it comes to this, a website builder can cost between £3/month and £10/month for a basic plan. If you’re looking for more advanced plans, they can increase the range between £15/month and £30/month. For the most part, website builders include a domain name for the first year, and a regular price ensues after a year. Overall, the monthly prices offered will depend on the yearly subscription and the time of purchase.


There’s no denying that tradespeople can take advantage of investing in a solid website for their business. Although hiring a web designer or using a website builder may come with a cost, such investments will pay off in the long run, particularly if you see the locals heavily relying on your services. This will allow you to become a trusted local tradesperson in no time.

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