Why do I need a website?: Websites for tradespeople

why do I need a website?

Written by Grant

Why do I need a website? I don't have one... and I don't need one

Sometimes, tradespeople ask us ‘why do I need a website?’. Our simplest answer to that will always be: to get more business.

“Having a website seems like too much hassle”

We hear you. Times are good. Happy customers are passing on tales of your good work to their friends. Those friends are wandering your way to become happy customers themselves.

That’s awesome.

A steady flow of work is something we all cross our fingers and hope for. But can you guarantee that steady flow is going to remain steady? Why?

What if other companies that have already invested in their website start to nab the clients you haven’t yet reached by word of mouth? What if the clients you were relying on take a quick flick through Google and find your competitors portfolio and pricing plan? What if your prospective clients can’t find your details?

Perhaps your customers will keep rolling in, but you could do with more.

Clients are after all looking for a website: 61% of homeowners will check out a tradesperson’s website and 63% of homeowners will check online for reviews when ascertaining the trustworthiness of a potential tradesperson.

Why do I need a website?

Well, to summarise:

  1. Without a web presence, you’re loosing customers to companies that have invested in a website
  2. Clients that have heard of you by word of mouth can check your reviews and find your contact details
  3. A vast majority of clients want to research your business prior to engaging your skills
  4. Happy customers who want to shout on social media about your services will have somewhere to link their mates
  5. The majority of consumers are looking your business up online to ascertain your trustworthiness prior to hiring you
  6. Your website exists to create a professional portfolio for prospective clients
  7. Your website provides somewhere for the customer to go when they spot your van

As a tradesperson, you need a website:

We all know the value of word of mouth recommendations. But not every offline recommendation results in that prospective client going ahead with your services. Why? Research by brightlocal suggests that consumers like to read an average of 10 reviews before deciding to trust a business. A website, or even just a Google my business account provides you with a platform for clients to tick their mental checklist of requirements and go ahead with hiring you.

Have you thought about what’s backing up your word of mouth reviews?

Do you know what’s tipping customers over the edge from might-hire-you-territory into will-definitely-hire-you-territory? If a potential client has somewhere they can look to see reviews from your other happy customers, they’re further likely to hire you. Some 76% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as if they’d received a personal recommendation.

People are forgetful.

They might have taken your details from a friend who gave you a glowing recommendation and then lost that slip of paper down the back of the sofa. If they can look you up online and find your contact details with ease, they’re far more likely to give you a call and request a quote. Even if you don’t have a website, we recommend checking that your contact details are correct and cohesive across web platforms.

The modern customer wants to research your business prior to engaging with you.

Having an (as close as possible) fully fledged online presence allows them to do this. When it comes to local businesses, 82% of consumers are looking them up online and reading their online reviews to judge their quality.

Young and old alike, people like showing off their houses on social media. With an online web presence – be that a Google my business account or a website, when they upload glowing recommendations of your work, they have somewhere to link their friends (and you should encourage them to do so!). It’s free advertising with very little effort on your end.

If you have a van on the street advertising your services, checking out your website is the next natural step between a customer becoming aware of your services and a customer purchasing your services.

A website is somewhere convenient for you to keep your portfolio.

Where are you displaying examples of your work? Can a customer find these easily? You can upload these to a twitter account, but a customer has to trawl through your photos in order to find them. Customers don’t want to put this effort in. Similarly, you can upload them to Facebook, but these aren’t the most professional. Keeping an online portfolio on your website means that customers who want to be assured of the quality of your work can quickly and easily find pictures.

The start of your online journey with Shake & Speare

If you’re interested in learning more then, we recommend checking out our websites for trades page.

As a digital marketing company that specialises in creating websites for people in the constructions and trades industries, we can work with you to develop a website that works for you.

We’re always open to a chat, and if you’d like to meet up then consider the beers on us!

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