3 Ways Visuals Impact the Effectiveness of Your Content – What to Know

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Written by Grant

Content is one important factor in digital marketing. It is a way for businesses to communicate with their customers, allowing them to provide reliable information related to their brand and build their clients’ trust. For this reason, content marketing is crucial for you to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients.

However, now that people are more interested in visual content, it can be tough to encourage visitors to read text-based material. This is because most Internet users will often get bored and overlook long walls of text, no matter how high-quality and informative it might be.

To combat this, you need to use more visual elements withing your content marketing strategies. Here are three ways you can give this a go:

Ensuring readability to get your message across

Readability does not only refer to how you phrase your sentences and paragraphs, but also how it looks on the screen. The font style, font size, and spacing all contribute to the readability of your content. Other factors that will also affect it include the colour contrast of your page, the presence of white spaces, and the flow and connection of your titles in relation to their subheadings.

High-quality content with a strong visual appeal will help keep your readers on your site and encourage them to browse further. This will grant you high traffic and possibly, a high retention rate as well.

Use images and text to complement one another

People today engage more with visual content than with text. This is because this type of content has the natural ability to capture your visitors’ attention. While it might be tempting to switch to visuals completely knowing that they get more engagement, you should be careful to avoid this. Written content remains the best way to give informative content to your audience.

To effectively get the “best of both worlds,” you should learn how to make written and visual content work well together. Add appropriate visuals to text—whether in the form of images, graphics, infographics, or videos—and follow the readability guidelines outlined above. You will attract more audiences to your content if it has eye-catching elements alongside it.

Designing effective navigation that encourages browsing

Thoughtfully designed navigation and website structure encourage visitors to explore your content. Internet users do not like websites with too many unnecessary pages and design elements that interrupt their browsing experience.

To avoid this from happening, design your website in a user-friendly manner – you’ll notice how it gains an increase in retention rates and sales potential. When your visitors are able to navigate through your content easily, they will be more motivated to do so.


Everything on your website significantly impacts how your digital marketing strategies will perform. This includes the readability of your text content, the images you use, and how they come together to affect your visitors’ experiences.

This is because visual design affects your content marketing and vice versa. Once you have learned how to use them in unison, you will reap leads, engagement levels, and sales like never before.

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