What Features Your Construction Company Website Should Have

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Written by Grant

Your construction company website needs to showcase your expertise when it comes to building and design. Clients will need proof that you know what you’re talking about before they trust you to work in their homes, and your website is your best shop window to inform and impress them.

When you’re choosing what should go on your website, you need to consider what will make your clients stay and browse. Naturally, the overall design is a huge factor, but there are also some specific features which can transform a normal site into a must-read one.

Here are some features that your construction company website needs to have:

Social Media Icons

Add the social media icons linked to each of your specific profiles, so that your customers know where they can find you. This means they won’t have to search for your social media pages on the internet whenever they need to contact you; they can just click through.

When you already have the links on your website, it’s easier for your clients to connect with you.

Portfolio of your previous work

A portfolio gallery is a great way to showcase your company’s previous work achievements.

The photos that you include in it will give your clients an idea of the quality of work you can produce; make sure the pictures are bright and clear, and pick the work you’re most proud of.

The gallery can also give clients inspiration if they see projects that are similar to the work that they want to have done. It will help your future clients to trust your company and validate your work before hiring you.

Designed for mobile

As you design your website, consider how you can take advantage of the huge section of people who use their mobile phone to get online.

Doing so will give you more visibility and allow users to access your website anytime, anywhere. By optimising your website for mobile, users can comfortably navigate your site, which can then lead to more conversions.

If your website is optimised for desktop only, then you’ll miss out on visitors, and visitors mean potential clients!

Client testimonials

Another factor that will help you gain trust is client testimonials. Add a few kind words from past clients who were satisfied with your work.

Reading these comments will give potential clients the assurance that you can deliver quality services. The more positive feedback you can show, the more credible you will look to potential clients, which can in turn increase conversion rates.

Have separate pages for each of your services

Make it easier for visitors to see what your company offers by having a separate page for each of your services. This will make it easy for clients to find more information on the service they’re interested in.

It’s a good idea to add a brief description of what each project entailed and how you went about it. Doing this will give your clients an overview of your services that they need to make a decision, plus gives you the chance to write some search engine-friendly text to help you climb the Google rankings.


Your construction company website needs to showcase your achievements in building and design.

By having an informative, trustworthy and well-built website, you’re showing your business in the best light, and proving that you care about your work. If you add the features we’ve mentioned then you can also ensure that your prospective clients can find the information that they need.

We can help you build top-notch websites for tradespeople in Great Britain. If you’re in need of assistance in building or improving your construction website, get in touch with us today!

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