Inexpensive websites and being frugal on the internet

inexpensive websites

Written by Grant

If you’re a tradesman who’s been wary of investing in your web presence, you may be interested in inexpensive websites, or cheaper ways of promoting yourself. During the coronavirus nightmare, with everyone moving their business online, it’s more important than ever that your company exists on the internet. It allows you to ensure you’re marketing your business as effectively as possible and helps generate a steady source of income for you.

Stylishly designed, multi-page, SEO focused websites can be an expensive investment. Whilst they generate a great return, you might not feel ready to purchase one yet. In the interim, there are lots of other ways to market yourself on the net:

  1. Get your business some social media
  2. Try your hand at creating a Youtube series
  3. Learn how to use Squarespace
  4. Keep a relevant blog on a platform like live journal
  5. Take advantage of Shake and Speare’s free website offer

Get your business some social media

Does your business have Facebook, Linked in, Instagram and/or Twitter? These platforms all come with great benefits when it comes to advertising your business. They allow you to showcase your work, provide a convenient place to leave your contact details, help you demonstrate your exemplary customer service skills, and allow you to connect with other businesses.

As a tradesperson, you’ll find a thriving community of other tradespeople on Twitter. Making connections in this space may be a great source of business for you, especially when it comes to subcontracting opportunities.


Try your hand at creating a Youtube series

Not everyone can do what you do. There will always be a demand for tradespeople because the average layperson doesn’t understand all that much about their house. You can use this to your advantage when promoting your business online.

You could create a few ‘how to’ videos on Youtube of you demonstrating how to fix easy problems around the house. If you’re a plumber for instance, show your audience how to fix a dripping tap (or leaking faucet, for the Americans out there).


Learn how to use squarespace

You can always build your own website. There are numerous benefits to having a professional design one for you; but in a pinch, using a template from a website like squarespace is a decent option for an inexpensive website. A benefit here is that once you’re ready to invest in someone building a more personalised site for you, by playing around with squarespace, you may have a better idea of what it is you want from your website.


Keep a blog on a platform like Blogger or live journal

If learning how to use squarespace seems like too much of a faff, how about flexing your writing muscles instead? Similar to delivering advice in a Youtube series, keeping a blog with simple ‘how to’ guides is a good way to promote yourself online.

Alternatively, you might like to keep a blog in order to document some of your proudest work. Step by step shots of a renovation – how you achieved what you did and a couple of sentences on the final result. The more impressed you can make your audience, the greater the likelihood they will want to invest in your services


Take advantage of Shake and Speare’s free website offer (the best inexpensive website we can recommend!)

Here is the lowest effort, highest reward way to promote yourself online that we can recommend: take advantage of our free websites offer.

With the current nightmare that’s going on, we know there’s lots of you trying to get or bolster your online presence. We’re more than happy to build you a quick and easy one page website hosted on our servers, for free.

This will be a quick start point for you. We’re working on a first come first served basis and have capacity for 4 or 5 a week.

If you want a chat (about this, or anything else online), please feel free to give us a call on mobile or text 01174 418 681, or email on enquiries@shakeandspeare.com

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