Digital marketing agencies for tradespeople: what to look at

Digital marketing agencies for tradespeople

Written by Grant

Websites for trades, well run Google Adwords campaigns, beautiful branding and SEO services are all effective digital marketing techniques tradespeople can use to boost their business online. Once you understand your company’s needs and budget, it’s important you take the time to research the digital marketing agency that will be best suited for your online marketing initiatives.

Digital marketing agencies for tradespeople

If you’re putting the digital face of your company in the hands of someone else, you want to be sure you’ll be happy with the service you get. To help you make the right choice, here’s our best advice for what tradespeople should look at when choosing a digital marketing agency:

  1. Their online reviews
  2. Who they’ve worked with
  3. Their case studies
  4. Their companies ‘voice’
  5. Their free incentives 

Their online reviews

We’ve had tradespeople come to us before having been burnt by digital marketing agencies who seemed trustworthy on the surface. It’s easy for a company to hide behind their website, so take the time to play detective and check out what others are saying about them. Client testimonials on their website are a good place to start. However, Google My Business accounts, sites like Yelp and social media such as Facebook pages are better, as companies have less control over reviews that are left on these.

Reading a digital marketing agency’s online reviews also gives you the chance to assess their customer service skills. Do they take the time to thank their customers for leaving good reviews? And more importantly, if there are any, how do they handle the bad ones? 

Customers need the motivation to write reviews. If a company has a wealth of good testimonials supporting them, it’s likely because their customers were passionate enough about the service they received that they took the time to leave one.


Who they’ve worked with

By this, we don’t mean ‘has the agency worked with big-name brands’? We mean ‘has the agency worked with businesses that are similar to your own’? If they have, they will be likely to understand what is required to create an effective online presence for a business in your sector. 

We specialise in online marketing for construction businesses and tradespeople. This means we are well versed in understanding the goals and requirements businesses from these sectors have (although we’re not a one-trick pony – we’ve experience working with a diverse range of clients!).


digital marketing agencies for tradespeople

Case studies

The world of digital marketing is a constantly changing field and good marketers know that. The more experience a company has, the better assured you can be of good results. You want to know that your investment in your online presence is going to generate a good return. Ask the digital marketing agency that you’re considering working with whether they’ve got case studies they can show you. 

Their company’s ‘voice’

A company’s social media gives you a good idea of its voice. If you’re going to be working with them, you want to know that they’ll be responsive, reactive and receptive. Their social media interactions can help you decide whether you think you’d have a good working relationship with them. 

Look for a digital marketing agency that can prove their experience and effort by the content they’re producing. If their passion for their work is apparent on their social media, you can be more assured that it will come through in their commissioned work. After all, why conduct business with someone you don’t enjoy communicating with? Make life easier for yourself.

Their free incentives

Have a look and see if the company offers free incentives. These show the dedication and care the agency is happy to put into their work. In addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, free incentives also go a long way to demonstrate the quality of their work.

For instance, we truly believe it’s important that every business has the opportunity to build a strong online presence. That’s why we offer to create free one page websites to get you started and a free Google My Business video series to help you teach yourself how to create an effective online presence without having to invest. Plus, if anyone comes to us with a burning question, or requires some advice, we’re always happy to help over on our Twitter or our enquiries email address.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency

There are many factors to consider for what tradespeople should look at when choosing which digital marketing agency to work with. We highly recommend you don’t rush into shaking hands with the first marketing agency to pop up in a genie-esque puff of pixels, offering you a discount and showing off their animation loaded website. 

Search around and make sure you’ve got the full picture: you’re looking for experience and dedication. Your business deserves it, so make sure you’re being offered both.

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