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Written by Grant

For a majority of businesses, it has become a basic fact that they must exert all their efforts in marketing to succeed in their field. In today’s age, that means maximizing the traction you can gain in the online world, employing various digital marketing strategies to expand your influence. 

As basic as that sounds, this is not as easy as it can be for tradesmen and licensed professionals. While your crafts and expertise are necessities in an average person’s daily life, your services are not exactly easy to market on your own—especially if you’re working as a solo contractor.

The Difficulty of Marketing and Advertising for Tradesmen

The basic method of advertising for many tradesmen would be through word of mouth – the traditional form of advertising, as many still see it. Skill and expertise may help you gain a few clients within your local sphere, but this can easily be drowned out by bigger businesses and contractors. 

Unfortunately, marketing is not a part of a professional’s curriculum in trade school—making this one of the bigger challenges the modern tradesman may experience. Despite how easy marketing a business has become due to the advancements in technology, the specifics and how-to are still not immediately accessible —meaning you may have to exert an effort that can be costly for the run-of-the-mill tradesman.

Instead, you may be forced to take on advertising and marketing services from a person you don’t know. The trouble with this, however, is that no background knowledge can easily lose you copious amounts of money—especially if your marketer is less-than candid with you.

Basic Advertising for Tradesmen

In order to breach the digital world without losing tons of your hard-earned cash, you should consider marketing an investment rather than an expense. By looking towards the future, your profession can reach greater heights—spreading your work more efficiently to help you find more clients.

Develop a website

One cost-efficient way to develop your presence online is by creating a website. If you don’t have the know-how, then a website design agency specializing in working with tradesmen is what you need. While it might be an expense, the returns can easily garner you an ROI if done properly.

Google Ads Campaign

Running an ad campaign through the Google Ads platform may seem like a tremendous expense, but if you do it correctly, it can be optimized for maximum returns without breaking the bank. 

Firstly, you should remember to set your campaigns to a local area —this way, your services are publicised within the area that you can actually cater to. Next, you should incorporate your location into your ad copy. Failing to do so can make your ad useless, so make sure to factor that in. Lastly, it’s crucial to input the correct contact information. Many of your potential clients will still much rather speak with you in person, so opening yourself up to this can make you more accessible to them.

The Bottom Line

As tradesmen, the difficulty of keeping your business is finding a constant flow of clients to patronize your services. If you’re just starting out, then spending a bit on marketing strategies is your best option. By creating a website and setting a Google Ads campaign, then you can get yourself on the board for your potential consumers to see.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed marketing your business, then approaching an agency specializing in tradesmen is your best option. Shake and Speare is a web design agency for tradesmen geared towards helping you expand your service in your local area. Get in touch with us and have one of our specialists look at your website today.

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