How to Improve Your Tradesman Website for Conversions

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Written by Grant

As your business grows, your tradesman website will have to grow along with it. By paying special attention to your website’s overall performance, making the proper adjustments can be simple. Whilst a stunning landing page and a breathtaking interface may improve conversions, it’s vital to focus on simple matters such as loading speed, credible content, and instinctive design. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing a few quick website improvements you can easily achieve with your designer. 

Tip #1 – Prioritise Your Customers With Appropriate Keyword Research

In 2020, your visitors come first. After all, your business is dedicated to providing the appropriate solutions to their common problems. So where do you begin? 

If you haven’t already, incorporate your market research into your SEO strategy. Consider what keywords your visitors are using most frequently and what sources they’re clicking through to the most. You can use free or affordable tools such as Google Keyword Planner and KWFinder to help streamline your search process. 

If you’ve familiarised yourself with Internet algorithms and the like, it may seem to make the most sense to skew keywords according to the robots processing them. However, you don’t want to stuff your posts with keywords and render them unreadable. Creating content that is for humans proves far more effective. 


Tip #2 – Study Design Elements

As much as we do our best to refrain from judging a book by its cover, an attractive website will usually perform better than one that is plain or dull. Understanding colour coordination can improve your website’s design elements considerably. Choose a colour scheme that best reflects your brand and can be easily integrated into your website and social media assets. 

Similarly, you’ll want to use fonts that are bold and readable. Don’t explore too far out of your comfort zone. A standard font such as Helvetica or Arial will stand out as a heading or call-to-action and is approachable to the majority of your site visitors. 


Tip #3 – Publish Social Proof

Social media is an excellent platform to leverage for word-of-mouth purposes and promotes your authority across networks. By equipping your best pages with social buttons, users can share your content without you having to push them towards doing so. 

It’s also important to note that 84% of customers trust online reviews, thus, publishing social proof on your website can encourage new visitors to follow through with a sale. 


Tip #4 – Use Backlinks

To improve your position on search engines, ensure that you’re publishing high-quality content in order to encourage third parties to post backlinks. The more backlinks you receive, the more traffic is driven to your site and the better your SEO efforts pay off. 

Hence, you shouldn’t forego including the proper meta tags and titles on your content and include the appropriate keywords. 


Tip #5 – Stay Away From Free Web Builders

Using a free website builder may be tempting given as you won’t have to set aside a budget for it. However, its templates and features are often limiting and do little to set you apart from your competitors. Backing a false economy, free builders aren’t ideal for your SEO rankings and often perform slower than privately hosted websites. 

Plus, the benefits you reap from collaborating with a professional web designer are two-fold. Whatever you invest in their expertise will usually come full circle with the number of leads and conversions you obtain once your website is published. 


Don’t let your website be nothing more than a customised template. Leaving it on the back burner could be a major marketing blunder! Your site is the digital equivalent of a storefront and should be your marketing plan’s top priority. Getting your tradesman website to stand out in a crowd of millions won’t be an easy feat but is undoubtedly an achievable one with the right tools in hand. 

If you’re looking for a partner that specialises in building tradespeople websites that will convert, look no further! Shake and Speare is the team you’re looking for. Contact us to discuss your next project!

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