Building Your Brand As A Tradesman—3 Ways to Market Yourself

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Written by Grant

As with most industries, the landscape of trade is undergoing a shift in marketing, where the digital world slowly integrates into its very foundation. Trade now operates with the constant need for reviews and online listings, further gaining momentum through word of mouth promotions. 

Prospective customers can now easily find tradesmen in the realm of online business, and if you’re a tradesman, it’s important to direct your focus on establishing your brand and reputation. This is crucial to gain a competitive advantage over others—failing to do so means the downfall of your business. 

Regardless if you’re only beginning to test the waters of digital marketing or are looking to adopt it as your ultimate campaign, knowing how to properly market yourself as a tradesman is your ticket to growth and success. Here’s how:

1 – Leverage the unique skill combination you possess 

Seeing as tradesmen are flocking the online world, it’s best to highlight what makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re covering a wide location for instance, or are willing to work odd hours to get the job done, allowing your marketing campaigns to highlight these facts allows you to build a reputation like no other.

Being an expert on specific materials also helps you become a well-trusted tradesman, as well as your ability to work beating deadlines. Ultimately, however, building your brand reputation will depend entirely on your capacity to live up to the things you market—in a tough and competitive scene, only the trusted, credible, and completely reliable will rise. 

2 – Respond to queries promptly 

As a tradesman, you’ll likely be dealing with questions and endless queries all day long. Due to your field of expertise, it’s likely that customers will be asking the same questions over and over, all in an attempt to grasp exactly what you can do for them. Others will try to gauge your skills, assessing if what you offer will be up to their expectations.

No matter how it may play out, ensure that you always respond with politeness and promptness. Although some questions may seem like out of the moon, always consider replying and providing them with what they need, even if it’s to transfer them to another tradesman. This will help build a good reputation, letting prospective customers know that you are professional and completely worth working with.

3 – Always end on a positive note

As you build your brand reputation, you’ll realise just how much of it entails building an image your customers can trust. It goes beyond just painting a good picture of your craft and services online—you need to go above and beyond your end of the bargain. As soon as you complete your task, remember to spend a little more time with your customers. 

Explain about any required care and possible follow-up services, and ask them about their experience. It’s important to let them know that you’re there to do more than just business transactions—you care, and that your lines are always open for further concerns. 

Becoming A Well-Established Tradesman

Most business landscapes today have become highly competitive, especially due to the digital revolution. Establishing yourself as a reputable tradesman can be an ordeal, so remember to market yourself well by incorporating the aforementioned strategies into your plans. 

While building a good reputation online is a non-negotiable pursuit, constantly putting in the effort to sustain the image is also necessary. Remember: go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

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