A Tradesman’s Secret: Why a Website Is Vital to Your Career

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As a tradesperson in the UK, it’s vital to have a website that describes your services. This helps you to build a network of regular clients and encourage referrals. The need for a website becomes even greater when you consider the fierce competition in whatever market you’re serving. 

A website gives you a platform on which to build brand awareness and credibility. It lets you list your specialities, contact information, and price ranges. More importantly, it lets your customers feel more secure about doing business with you.

To give you a better idea of what a website is capable of, this article will look into the many benefits it brings to tradespeople. After all, besides professional and exemplary service, you need to invest in other ways to set yourself apart to ultimately generate more revenue.

Lets you take advantage of Google My Business and geotagging


Modern tradespeople nowadays don’t rely purely on client referrals or business cards. Just like most of the general public, they make their presence felt online by way of maximising Google My Business and geotagging. 

Websites for tradespeople use these tools to become a prominent and more preferred service provider over the rest, due to their proximity or customer ratings. Hence, they give clients more chance to find your business and recommend it easily to people they know. Overall, a professional tradesperson website has the power to make connections easy and define you as a credible service provider in your chosen field. 

Gives you optimised visibility with 24/7 presence


As a website makes you easily searchable within your service area, it gives you access to day-and-night connections with your clients. In fact, some more experienced tradespeople have used chatbots to help them make customer acquisition easier and conveniently answer queries even while they are away. As there are different kinds of clients with different schedules looking for services, this availability is a welcome solution for any modern tradesperson. 

Allows you to show off your skills and professional profile


Besides having a strong customer presence, your tradesman website can also have a strong impact on clients by way of showing them your track record or professional licenses that further validate your excellence in your field. 

If you are a construction tradesman, for instance, you can show your portfolio of finished builds and professional clients you have worked for. 

In essence, think of building a professional tradesperson website like building a strong brand for your product. It sets you apart from the rest and makes you more preferred among the local clientele. 

Provides effective ways to expand your service area and services


Once you’ve made your presence in your field clear, you can effectively expand your service area and even the services you provide later on in the future. Through your own dedicated website, you can simply update the information and build on the current website traffic to make a seamless promotion of your new features and services. That lets you efficiently communicate your expansion and therefore increase the potential for more revenue.

For instance, say you are a tradesman in the carpentry field with an established presence based on your site. You can then easily introduce yourself as being highly skilled in other construction services, like tiling or brick masonry. Similarly, if your current service area is merely in London, you can expand it to other areas like Manchester or Sheffield.

Instead of building your clientele from the ground up again, having a dedicated website allows you to easily do that and effectively reach those who need your services. 


As you invest in your professional tools and other tradesperson essentials, consider the many benefits of having your own website to better your livelihood and extend your professional career in the field. 

Are you in need of professional website design for tradespeople? Make connections with us from Shake and Speare. We can help make you a known and trusted tradesman in your chosen industry.

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