5 of the Best Tips for Tradespeople in 2020

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There is no doubt that the technological revolution is indeed a striking reality. Everything is now available in the online world, whether you’re looking to shop for goodies, buy your groceries, research information, or even find some new friends. This new era of information shows no signs of slowing down, and if businesses don’t pick up the pace and evolve alongside technology, they are doomed to be left behind. 

When it comes to tradespeople who are masters at their craft—or even still learning their trade—the way to success is no longer quite what it used to be. Word of mouth still has its time and place, but today’s world revolves heavily around digital marketing services. In any profession, the success of a person is going to be determined by the people who sign up for their services and their user experience. 

If you are a tradesperson looking to boost your business, the online world has the keys. Here are a few tips to get you started in building your online presence:

Build Positive Reviews

In any trade, transactions will be involved. Nobody wants to transact with businesses or individuals who have no reviews – or worse, bad reviews, because reviews are the most powerful tool in business! 

People base almost all purchase decisions on reviews, whether it be seeing them online or getting referrals from a friend. Think about a time where you thought of buying something, only to find it having a two or three-star review. Likely you didn’t buy it, right? Then you are one of the many who have been influenced by the power of reviews!

In order to make it in the world of business, positive reviews have to be more prevalent than negative ones, so try to ensure your customer service is impeccable (yes – even with the difficult ones). 

Get on Social Media Platforms

While it may seem unprofessional to use Facebook and Instagram for business purposes, it can be helpful by using it less as a sales platform, but instead, gearing it towards customer interaction. By throwing your business’ unique selling points out there, you can generate more leads or even conversions!

Professionally Craft Your Website

In the world of being a tradesperson, you cannot rely only on social media to get your skills out there. Whilst it certainly helps your connectivity, it is not the most professional way to go about it, per se.

Websites for tradespeople are going to be your best friend in building a name for yourself. A well-crafted website has vast amounts of potential in getting the leads and conversions you need to survive in this market.

In the world of being a tradesperson, a lot of what makes someone great at what they do is their ability to market themselves and their abilities. Having a professionally done website for trades is a great way to show the world what exactly you have to offer. 


Utilise Google My Business (GMB)


This free tool is easy to set up and use. GMB allows better searches for your business, making those close to you have a quicker time finding you over further searches. By utilising Google My Business, this can be a way to list your company information, pictures, services, and locale for best results. 

If you need some help setting it up, check out our comprehensive and totally free masterclass on Google My Business.


Share What You Know


Many businesses believe that sharing their knowledge of things will cause issues in sales for a business. Some believe that competitors use this to their advantage or that the customers may take matter upon themselves instead. 

While this can be true if you overshare, think about how many blogs are omnipresent on the internet or how many DIY tutorials there are on YouTube. If someone really wanted to find something, they are likely able to do it themselves. By creating a blog, you have a way to keep your site updated and have frequently asked questions answered—which then drives the traffic to you instead of someone else!

Additionally, this adds to your SEO scores when paired with proper keywords, so it’s actually a win-win scenario.




When trying to climb the ladder of your professional life, websites for trades professionals will be of large assistance. A website is the backbone of any professional service or business and will often set the first impression of any visitor looking to do business with you. By having a good mastery of digital marketing, your trade efforts will be boosted significantly, so be sure to start to learn the field of it.

Are you looking for a provider of web design services that are specialised towards trades websites? Shake and Speare is a digital marketing and web design agency that builds websites for tradespeople using some of the modern day’s best digital marketing strategies and tools. Connect with us and let us help you attain better growth and development in your field today!

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