Installer webinar rewind!

Installer webinar rewind

Written by Grey

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve been busy bees running a trio of webinars with Installer, as part of their Business Advice series.

What with a pandemic currently going on and social distancing rules firmly in place, we haven’t been able to deliver our seminars at various trade shows as we normally would. And as much as we’re missing all of your lovely faces, we’re not letting this stop us from sharing our extensive online knowledge with all of you.

Here at Shake and Speare we’re keen that everyone has the skills that they need to succeed online. We have trades toolbox videos (providing help from websites to photos, Google My Business to emails), a huge stash of resource articles and now you can rewatch our webinars online too!

Our first: ‘What are the best ways to promote your business online?’ covered all the tools that are available to help tradespeople grow the presence of their business online. Of course, we started this one off talking about websites (the base of everything!) and what you should include to make sure it’s performing at its best for your business. Make sure you check this out if you’re looking for some actionable tips to help you improve your site.

Websites are hardly all we cover in this initial webinar though! If you want to know about the merits of various social media, how to utilise Google or Facebook Ads, why you need a Google My Business, or the best affordable lead generation, this webinar has the content for you.

What are the best ways to promote your business online?
How to make the most of your website

The second webinar covered ‘How to make the most of your website.’

In this webinar we get into the nitty gritty of how to get your website right. If you’re keen on optimising your website, in order to increase your conversion rate, you’ll find this webinar incredibly useful.

We run through each page of your website and teach you how design them so each webpage is pulling in leads.

Additionally, if you’re unsure whether having a website is right for your business, we take the time to run through why you should get one.

Our final webinar takes you through ‘How to use online content to boost your business’.

Content is what you put out on your site and other channels; things like blogs, videos, photos and more. You’ll learn different ways you can make the most of these and get answers to questions such as “Do I really have to blog? Surely that’s not for me”. We also explore unusual ways to get your message out there.

This third webinar rounds out the content of the other two nicely – if you feel you’re nailing promoting your business and that you’re utilising your website well, it’s worth learning what else you can be doing!

How to use online content to boost your business

Remember, if you’re ever stuck and in need of some advice, we’re more than happy to have a strings free chat with you. Hit us up on Twitter or shoot us an email.

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