50 Blog title ideas for carpenters

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50 Blog Title Ideas for Carpenters

We’ve generated a list of 50 different blog title ideas for carpenters. Why? Because used correctly, a blog is a powerful tool in your SEO toolkit.

If you own a website, it’s worth making an effort to keep a loosely up to date blog. If your blog is putting out content on a regular basis, Google beomes happy with you. If Google’s happy with your site, it trusts it more and your website moves up in its search results.This is because good search engine optimisation (SEO) is largely based on two things: the presence of new content, and the presence of your chosen keywords. A blog is the perfect way to meet those two criteria and draw more users to visit your website.

These titles were generated using a range of different programmes that look at popular Google searches related to your industry. Essentially, what you have here is a cheat sheet of search terms that are more likely to drive visitors your way than topic ideas you might come up with on your own.

When writing your blog post, it will be great for your website traffic if you can Search Engine Optimise your content. For starters, choose 1-2 keywords and use them a couple of times throughout the piece. Include them in your headers, URL and meta description.

It’s highly likely that your user will be visiting your website on a mobile device, rather than a desktop. Therefore, in order to retain your visitor, you need to make sure that your blog is mobile-friendly.

Finally, you should include both internal and external links within your blog post. This means you should be linking to other websites as well as other parts of your own website. For instance,  if you find yourself making a point that references a service you provide, link to that service page. 


Shake and Speare’s 50 blog title ideas for carpenters

Provide advice based on your career experience:

  1. How to become a carpenter
  2. What are basic carpentry skills?
  3. What does the daily life of a carpenter look like?
  4. What qualifications do you need to be a carpenter?
  5. How to become a self employed carpenter
  6. How long does a joinery apprenticeship take?
  7. How do I get an apprenticeship in carpentry?
  8. What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner
  9. What are the different types of carpentry?
  10.  What skills do you need to be a carpenter?
  11.  How long does a joinery apprenticeship take?
  12.  How to become a joiner?
  13.  How much does it cost to start a carpentry business?
  14.  How to become a self employed carpenter
  15. What properties of wood do carpenters need to learn about?
  16.  How do you become a master carpenter?
  17. Do carpenters work year round?
  18.  What are the duties of a carpenter?
  19. Why do I think carpentry is a good trade?

Provide lessons:

  1. How to build a solid wood exterior door
  2.  How to fit a door handle
  3.  How to tell if a wall is load bearing
  4.  What are decking boards made from?
  5.  How do I install a banister on a landing?
  6.  What paint should I use on my stair banisters?
  7. What is the best kind of wood for a door?
  8. How to fix joists
  9. How to prevent wood warping
  10. How to make a wooden box without power tools?
  11.  What to put on an open kitchen shelve?
  12. How to hang heavy objects on a wall?
  13.  How to build an alcove cupboard and shelves shelves?
  14.  How to build a simple bed frame?
  15.  How to repair rotten window frames and sills
  16.  What is better – hardwood or laminate flooring?
  17.  Which direction should I lay my vinyl plank floor?

Blog about your experiences:

  1. How to get into furniture making
  2.  How to sell homemade furniture

Provide project ideas:

  1. Do spiral staircases save space?
  2.  How do floating stairs work?
  3.  How to make stairs safe for toddlers
  4.  What is a good first woodworking project?
  5.  What can I build with wood?
  6.  How can I start woodworking?

Provide information promoting your services:

  1.  How are timber frame houses built?
  2.  How long from first fix to completion?
  3.  How long do timber frame houses last?
  4.  What projects should I hire a carpenter for?
  5.  Can I install kitchen cabinets myself?
  6.  Is it better to build my own shed or hire a carpenter?

Hopefully, within that list, are a couple of titles you think you could write some blog posts on. Remember to include images to make the content aesthetically pleasing – you can use royalty free images from sites like pixabay or pexels.

We hope we have inspired you to get using your blog as an effective tactic in gaining more customers! Of course, if you need any help or advice on anything internet related, get in contact with us via email, or Twitter. Shake and Speare is a digital agency in Bristol that provides myriad services for tradespeople, such as website design, SEO, and blog writing services (listen, we understand if you don’t have the time to sit down and write these yourself)!

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